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FOR OUR PATIENTS WITH BOTH MEDICAL AND VISION PLANS: Medical and vision plans are very different in terms of the services they cover and it is important for our patients to know those differences. VSP and Eyemed are designed for routine services to determine a prescription for glasses/contacts and materials but are not intended for medical conditions or diagnoses and treatment. They allow for screenings, but once medical conditions are determined (such as diabetes, MS, autoimmune diseases, glaucoma/glaucoma suspect, cataracts, dry eye, floaters, eye infections, retinal conditions, high risk medications, etc.) then it is necessary to file the visit and any tests performed with your major medical carrier (BCBS, Aetna, UHC, Cigna, Medicare). Medicare does not cover the routine refraction portion of the exam used to determine the glasses prescription. Insurance carriers set these rules and our office is required to follow them. Some VSP/Eyemed plans allow for coordination of benefits where we can file a secondary claim through them after your medical plan completes the claim in order to minimize your out of pocket costs.
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